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Maca Powder (1 lb)

What Customers Are Saying

  • Our Raw Premium Organic Maca Root Powder Blend (black maca, red maca, yellow maca, white maca) is processed in a different way than other maca powders. Most maca is harvested, then low temperature dried, and then milled into a powder. Our Premium Maca Blend is harvested and immediately ground into a pulp while still fresh. Then the pulp is low temperature dried. Processing the maca while still fresh locks in more of the nutrients and its natural spicy flavor. You will find our premium maca has a flavor similar to horseradish and is much more potent than regular maca. Premium Organic Raw non-GMO Maca Root Powder may possess adaptogenic properties that supports your body’s ability to deal with stress while supporting healthy energy, endurance and performance levels. A staple in the diet of the indigenous Andeans for centuries, Maca a relative of the turnip and grows at very high altitudes. Because our premium Organic Raw Maca Root powder is a blend of the yellow, red, and black maca root, it is giving the combined benefits from all three varieties. Maca root contains, calcium, fatty acids and vitamins B1, B2, B12 and phosphorus. It also contains a variety of minerals and alkaloid.

    TIP: This is a raw, organic, non-GMO, whole food powder with no added nonsense which comes packaged in airtight, stand-up, resealable foil pouch for optimum freshness. It is most enjoyable and beneficial when added to SANE recipes, meals, and smoothies (like pictured here, for example). Keep it refrigerated or frozen. For recipes and tips, please sign-up for free here.

  • Want more recipes? Try your Premium Plan for FREE today to enjoy hundreds of delicious fat-burning SANE CertifiedTM recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, & more!

    SANE Strawberry Dream Smoothie

    1 tsp Maca Powder
    — 10 oz / 280g fresh spinach
    — 1/4 ripe medium avocado
    4 TBSP Garden in My Glass Sugar-Free Fruit & Veggie Mix
    2/3 cup / 2 oz. / 55g Clean Whey Protein
    1 TBSP SANE Coconut Flour
    1 oz. / 30g Raw Organic Extra Rich Cacao Powder
    1/2 tsp Raw Organic Wild Bourbon Vanilla Bean Powder
    2 TBSP SANE Erythritol
    — 3/4 cup strawberries
    — 1 cup / 8 fl oz. water
    1 tsp Raw Organic Cassia Cinnamon Powder
    — ½ tsp guar gum
    1 tsp Green Tea Booster
    1 TBSP Organic Black Chia Seeds

    TIP: Enjoy this as a starting point and adjust sweeteners/fruit according to your tastes. Also, the more non-starchy vegetables you enjoy, the faster you will burn fat and improve your health, so feel free to adjust those ingredients as well depending on your goals. For instance, more veggies means better results, but can compromise taste. More sweeteners/fruit can mean better taste, but can compromise results.

    — Place the spinach, Protein Powder, Organic Extra Rich Cacao Powder, SANE Erythritol, SANE Coconut Flour, Green Tea Booster, Organic Black Chia Seeds, Raw Organic Wild Bourbon Vanilla Bean Powder, fruit, and water in the blender in the order listed.
    — Blend on high speed until completely smooth.
    — Tap the guar gum, Maca Powder, Raw Organic Cassia Cinnamon Powder, and Garden in My Glass powder through the hole in the blender lid while the blender is still running and blend for 10 seconds.

    Want more recipes? Try your Premium Plan for FREE today to enjoy hundreds of delicious fat-burning SANE CertifiedTM recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, & more!


  • A combination of benefits from yellow, black, & red maca
    May support a healthy mental outlook
    Supports healthy physical stamina, energy, & strength levels
    May support healthy blood sugar levels
    Overall nourishment of the body
    May support healthy erections
    Helping to support hormonal balance & well being for men & women of all ages
    Raising IGF (insulin-like growth factor) levels
    Supports healthy menstruation
    Helping feed, nourish, & regulate the entire endocrine system of the body
    Supports mental clarity & focus with continued use
    Strengthening the liver
    Supports healthy sexual function in men & women
    Adaptogenic actions
    Supporting physical & emotional well being
    Enhancement fertility for men & women
    Supports the regeneration of cartilage & bones
    Supports healthy sperm count & testosterone levels
    High levels of alkaloids, steroids, saponins, glucosinolates, cardiotonic glycosides, tannins

  • Mix 1 teaspoon with a SANE green smoothie daily.

  • Organic Premium Maca Root Powder.

SANE Certified Quality & Safety Assurance: When you shop SANE, you are enjoying the highest quality organically grown, raw, vegan, gluten free, all natural, sugar free, non-GMO products available whenever possible. Your superfoods are powdered using proprietary low temperature techniques to preserve all the vital enzymes & nutrients. Your superfoods also pass strict quality assurance inspection which includes testing for botanical identity, heavy metals, chemicals & microbiological contaminants. Please click the Ingredients link at the top of each product page for more info.

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