Super Advanced

These whole food extracts have shown SANE promise in scientific studies. If you have unique or long-standing medical or metabolic challenges, or you enjoy trying scientifically-promising new approaches to optimizing your health, energy, mood, and fat-loss, you may enjoy these. Please note that these whole food extracts work gradually and safely with your body and thus often require two to three months of consistent use before results are enjoyed. If you try any of these options, please focus on using them consistently at appropriate quantities rather than at greater quantities for shorter periods of time. Finally, you will find some products here that you may have heard about on TV. We've included these options to ensure that you have a pure, safe, and SANE place to get these. Nothing here is required for SANEity. Nothing here is the one magic thing that will finally cure <insert anything>. Everything here has a baseline level of science supporting its use and may be helpful for some people when enjoyed consistently.