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Miss America: First Ever Evidence Based Body Positivity Winner

Body positivity has become a huge movement today. Social media influencers tout the benefits of having a positive body image to their followers.

Body positivity campaigns by numerous advertisers fill the airwaves. Celebrities talk about body acceptance and why it’s so important for self esteem.

Miss America Winner & Evidence Based Body Positivity

Body positivity is the concept that all people deserve to have a positive body image regardless of societal norms and expectations. This is not a new thought nor is the movement it spawned a new one.

As the Miss America Organization ushers in their 100th anniversary this year, SANESolutionBETTER, and Jonathan Bailor will provide the next generation of female leaders life-long wellness education, tools, and community based on the modern science of optimal nutrition, fitness, and mindset.

Official Evidence Based Body Positivity SANE Wellness Regimen Of Miss America Can Be Found Here

This will ensure every candidate and every ‘body’ can experience greatness as they enact their missions in the world.

Recognizing that greatness comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, together SANESolutionBETTERJonathan Bailor, and the Miss America Organization are committed to women achieving optimal health and wellness so they can enjoy a body that enables but does not define them.

The current body positivity movement began around 2012, and though it initially focused on changing societal expectations of feminine beauty, especially regarding weight, it now promotes the message that “all bodies are beautiful”.

Current Body Positivity Movement and Fat Acceptance

Though body acceptance for everyone is a great message, critics believe that the movement disregards the unique body image challenges and fat-shaming faced by many overweight people.

With Evidence Based Body Positivity, we now have a more sensible solution to the obesity/diabetes epidemic and body shaming.

To be sure, the original fat acceptance message of the current body positivity movement was a healthier alternative to the shame-based starvation dieting mentioned above. But it did not give overweight people the tools to bridge the gap between body shaming and obtaining a healthier body.

Evidence based body positivity bridges this gap.

The best medical minds in the country have now proven that we can do BETTER, that we can solve unhealthy body weight issues and the body shaming that may have helped create the diabesity epidemic.

Why Body Shaming is NOT a Diet Plan

Fat shaming is one of the last socially acceptable biases. This is because rather than seeing obesity as the disease that it is, many people consider it a character flaw and blame overweight people for their condition.

This not only causes a great deal of emotional pain to the victims, but being body shamed often worsens their condition.

In fact, multiple research studies show that being fat shamed causes stress to the victim, leading them to eat more food and calories. One reason for this is that stress causes an increase of the stress hormone cortisol that not only increases hunger, but also increases cravings for sugar, fast foods, and other unhealthy foods.

Additionally, excess cortisol increases the risk of depression and anxiety, both of which are known to contribute to unhealthy eating habits.

And here’s another fact that absolutely proves body shaming makes the problem worse. In a recent study published in Pediatric Obesity, researchers linked fat-shaming in childhood with increased weight gain in adulthood — and how much weight they gain may depend upon how much teasing they experienced, ie, the more teasing they experienced, the more weight they may gain.

A BETTER WAY: Evidence Based Body Positivity

The only thing that DOES work for obtaining a healthy weight is to improve the quality of your diet. Research shows that when it comes to weight loss and weight management, the quality of calories are more important than the quantity.

Improving the quality of your diet by eating more whole foods and reducing or eliminating ultra-processed foods, processed carbs, and sugars helps heal your hormones and lower your set point weight. 

Getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night, reducing stress, and getting regular physical activity will also help lower set point weight.

But you’re not likely to do ANY of these things if you don’t believe yourself worthy of it. This is why the new Evidence-Based Body Positivity is so important.

This sane solution to BOTH the diabesity epidemic AND body shaming is all about loving yourself so much that you choose to live BETTER through proven science, practical habits, and powerful love… you eat, think, live and move BETTER, no shame or starvation ever.

You don’t “eat less to lose weight” you “eat SANEly to live BETTER”

Official Evidence Based Body Positivity SANE Wellness Regimen Of Miss America Can Be Found Here

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