Private Phone Ordering System

If you'd like to order your SANESuperFoods by phone, that's awesome!

To make sure you have an ideal experience and never have to wait on hold, you can:

  1. Have us call you at the perfect time. Simply visit to schedule a time that works best for you :)
  2. You can place your order instantly over the phone by using our private phone ordering system at: (702) 970-7263. Please provide the following info slowly and clearly and we’ll get all taken care of:
    • The foods you’d like, the quantity, and if you’d like to subscribe and save 10% for life, how often you’d like them automatically delivered. This is a great option if you’d like to save 10% don’t want to worry about running out!
    • Please slowly say the full card number, expiration date, and security code 
    • Spell out the name on the card, billing address, shipping address, and your primary email

TIP: You can skip the recorded message by pressing 1

Thank you again and I hope you love your SANESuperfoods as much as I do!

- Nichole Cameron, SANE Customer Delight Team Leader