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Health and Aging - Jan 02 , 2020

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Did you know there are 4 anti-aging, brain-boosting “fountain of youth” super-nutrients that your brain is missing right now that help to decrease brain inflammation and help to reduce your risk of disease and premature death.?

So, what can you do to fend off these symptoms? Introducing SANE Vitaae™... the world's first ever clinically proven brain-boosting anti-aging formulation made to fix the Neurological Inflammation that doctors call a "hidden epidemic."


















New Anti-Aging Breakthrough: Fix "Neurological Inflammation" and Reverse the signs of Aging with These 4 Proven Super-Nutrients...


SANE VitaaeTM is a clinically proven brain-health and anti-aging breakthrough that can help anyone at any stage of life think clearer, feel better, and reverse chronic psychological and metabolic issues.

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Customer Testimonials


More effective than medication

Timothy S. – Cincinnati, OH

This can be a little sensitive, but I’m a middle school principal and now mention this to parents after seeing what it’s done for me and my kids. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’ve found it to be more effective than medication on many occasions and we’re extremely grateful.


My mind is working like it did in my forties

Abigale G. – Milwaukee, WI

I started taking this three months ago and after about a month I added to my husband’s pill container without telling him what it was. For me, I genuinely feel like my mind is working like it did in my forties (I’m 71 now). After I think about four weeks I found out that at my husband’s next doctor’s appointment he asked our doctor if something was “wrong” because of how different he felt.


Remembering names and wedding anniversaries!

Robert W. – San Jose, CA

You know how you go into a room and forget why? That doesn’t happen anymore. I had always been terrible with names, but it’s like they automatically stick in my mind now. I even remembered our wedding anniversary without any reminders this year (my wife couldn’t believe it).


Literally changed the lives of everyone in my family

Josephine H. – Kansas City, MO

This has literally changed the lives of everyone in my family. For me, I feel like those rare ‘moments of clarity’ I used to have are just the way my mind works now. My husband says that he needs less time and coffee to ‘get going’ in the morning and that things are just coming to him now.


The one thing that has really helped me

Camilla A. – Newport, VA

At 62 VitaaeTM is the one thing that has really helped me to have a better attitude, a better outlook and a sharper mind. I feel like I have more energy and have lost 5 pounds already, as I am definitely more active. I have been so disappointed with the mental focus products out there because none have worked until trying VitaaeTM.


Really top notch

Helen K. – Big Fork, MT

I was a nurse for 30 years. So I pay a lot of attention to what I put into my body, and I am always hesitant about supplements. But I have to say after doing my own in-depth research on the formulation, the ingredients, especially the well studied patented versions, are really top notch.


Brain fog is nearly gone

Terry L. – Orlando, Florida

I just love this! I have been taking it for 2 months now, and my brain fog is nearly gone, I have more energy, I exercise more, and I feel very vibrant all over, not just mentally. And I am down 7 pounds so that is a bonus :)


Such a noticeable impact

Gloria R. – Abany, New York

It’s safe to say that I’ve never tried anything, prescription medications included, that have had such an immediate and noticeable impact on my life every day. Thanks!

Get Your Clinically Proven (Brain Institute, University of Utah) VitaaeTM Today...

And Say Goodbye to brain fog, depression, anxiety, low-energy, memory loss, and weight gain!!

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Who should take VitaaeTM?

SANE VitaaeTM is a clinically proven brain-health and anti-aging breakthrough that can help anyone at any stage of life think clearer, feel better, and reverse chronic psychological and metabolic issues. Our founder Jonathan Bailor developed it for his pregnant wife who used it during her pregnancy to help optimize both her and their new baby girl’s health. Families all around the country count on the safe, patented, and clinically proven super-nutrients found in VitaaeTM to help them feel, look, and think better than they ever thought possible… every day.

How many bottles should I order?

Studies have proven that clinically-significant results can be enjoyed within 6 weeks of using VitaaeTM daily. However, results improve the longer VitaaeTM is taken, so we strongly recommend you order at least a three-month supply. You will save the most money and see the best long-term results when you choose our limited time discounted 6-month offer. Of course, if you decide the product is not for you can always return the unused portion for a refund (we offer a 1-year satisfaction guarantee so you are always safe). SANE VitaaeTM contain the highest-grade nutrients and are produced in small batches for maximum freshness and effectiveness. Because of this we sell out often, so stock up today, save money, and be sure you don't run out of your new brain-boosting and anti-aging secret advantage!

Can't I just buy the nutrients cheaper somewhere else?

No. VitaaeTM contains 3 patented ingredients in a proprietary synergistic formulation that cannot be found or purchased anywhere else. Further, we have spent over a decade researching, testing, and sourcing the safest, and most potent pharmaceutical grade nutrients available and combined them in the perfect amounts for the most effective product possible.

What are the nutrients and amounts in SANE Vitaae™?


How do I use SANE VitaaeTM?

It could not be simpler or more convenient to increase your mental energy and vitality. Directions: Take 3 capsules once or twice a day with a meal.

How long should I take SANE VitaaeTM?

Studies have proven that clinically-significant results can be enjoyed within 6 weeks of using VitaaeTM daily. However, results improve the longer VitaaeTM is taken, so we strongly recommend you order at least a three-month supply.

Does SANE VitaaeTM contain any caffeine or stimulants?

SANE VitaaeTM is 100% caffeine and stimulant free.

Are there any allergens in SANE VitaaeTM?

We take your safety and health very seriously at SANE. We do everything to ensure we only make our products with natural ingredients and with amounts that are clinically proven to be effective. VitaaeTM does not contain: gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, fish, soy, shellfish, wheat, yeast, or nuts. They are made in a facility that processes Tree nuts. If you have any concerns, you should consult with your physicians before taking any supplement.

Who can safely take SANE VitaaeTM ?

SANE VitaaeTM was originally developed by our founder Jonathan Bailor for his pregnant wife to help maximize her health and the health of their new baby girl. Soon thereafter all three generations of his family were enjoying VitaaeTM daily. However, due to federal regulations, we cannot recommend that SANE VitaaeTM be used by anyone under the age of 21. We also must advise that you speak with your doctor before using if you are pregnant, nursing, or being treated for any medical conditions or taking any medications. Discontinue use and consult your physician if you experience any side-effects from SANE products. We strongly advise consulting with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We know you will love the results you see with SANE VitaaeTM, however, we want you to be 100% confident in your order today. To make sure you are happy with your experience we offer a full 1-year money back guarantee! If you don't love the results simply return the unused portion for a prompt and courteous refund. You are never at risk so you have nothing to lose by ordering today and securing your limited time discount.

How are SANE products shipped and how fast will I receive my order?

SANE VitaaeTM is shipped from our east coast distribution center in Florida via USPS. You can expect your order to arrive in 5-7 business days. For international orders it may take 8-15 business days. Please note: International orders are subject to your countries import and duty taxes.


Results may vary between different users due to differences in individual exercise history, genetics, age, sex, personal motivation and other factors and are in no way guaranteed. The website’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and diagnosis. The SANE Solution program and/or products mentioned on this website should not be performed or otherwise used without clearance from your physician or health care provider. The information contained within is not intended to provide specific physical or mental health advice, or any other advice whatsoever. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program. Please see our full legal disclaimer for more information on typical results, risks, endorsements, and our full testimonials disclaimer: Disclaimer for typical results, testimonials, endorsements and risks

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