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The Miss America Organization with SANESolution, Emma Broyles, & BETTER Movie are exclusive Peak Wellness Partners with SANESolution Founder, Jonathan Bailor..


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Emma Broyles Crowned First Evidence-Based Body Positivity Miss America

The Miss America Organization, SANESolution, and the BETTER Movie announced Miss Alaska Emma Broyles being crowned the first evidence-based body positivity Miss America.

A big milestone for the body positivity movement, evidence-based body positivity is a new movement to end body shame and diabesity by enabling women to love themselves into their best-performing bodies.

By focusing on how their body performs, and not how it looks, evidence-based body positivity provides a proven path to make the highest quality dietary and lifestyle choices for one's goals.

With Miss America ushering in their 100th Anniversary in 2021, SANESolution Founder, and BETTER Executive Producer, Jonathan Bailor, has been their Peak Wellness Partner and Personal Growth Advisor to further the organization's initiative of redefining women's wellness to be focused on optimal performance, rather than physical appearance.

Throughout the year, together Miss America, SANESolution, and the BETTER have been providing the next generation of female leaders life-long wellness education, tools, and community.

Based on the modern science of optimal nutrition, fitness, and mindset, this has ensured every candidate and that every ‘body' can experience greatness as they enact their missions in the world.

2022 Miss America Winner Emma Broyles Official SANE Wellness Regimen

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Youthful Collagen Peptides - Official Collagen Peptides Miss America

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