• Enjoy a different delicious SANE Certified green smoothie every day for 28 days while healing your thyroid and balancing your hormones! Each of these 28 smoothie recipes are specifically formulated to safely, naturally, and permanently reverse thyroid damage, clear hormonal clogs, and help to address many other hidden causes of stubborn belly fat, digestive issues, and reduced energy.

      In this over 60 page beautiful eBook that works perfectly on all your devices and computers (you can even print it!)...

      You will discover how your SANECertified green smoothies are radically different from the sugar saturated “healthy” smoothies you will find on grocery store shelves and served at smoothie chains. While those smoothies can contain as much sugar as three cans of Coke, your SANECertified green smoothies contain about as much sugar as a cup of fresh blueberries. They also contain no artificial sweeteners, unnatural chemicals or flavorings, are 100% gluten free, never contain any GMO ingredients, and are 100% kid-approved and family friendly.

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      • Blackberry Delight 5
      • Blueberry Breeze 7
      • Blueberry Raspberry Glee 9
      • Cherry Cranberry Escape 11
      • Cherry Escape 13
      • Cranberry Blueberry Magic 15
      • Cranberry Glee 17
      • Cranberry Grapefruit Bliss 19
      • Cranberry Orange Dream 21
      • Cranberry Strawberry Blast 23
      • Grapefruit Sunrise 25
      • Mixed Berry Whirl 27
      • Nectarine Cranberry Delight 29
      • Nectarine Delight 31
      • Orange Breeze 33
      • Peach Escape 35
      • Peach Grapefruit Glee 37
      • Peach Nectarine Breeze 39
      • Peach Orange Magic 41
      • Peach Strawberry Bliss 43
      • Raspberry Cranberry Magic 45
      • Raspberry Dream 47
      • Raspberry Orange Bliss 49
      • Strawberry Blueberry Blast 51
      • Strawberry Delight 53
      • Strawberry Grapefruit Sunrise 55
      • Strawberry Orange Bliss 57
      • Strawberry Orange Whirl 59

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SANE Certified Quality & Safety Assurance: When you shop SANE, you are enjoying the highest quality organically grown, raw, vegan, gluten free, all natural, sugar free, non-GMO products available whenever possible. Your superfoods are powdered using proprietary low temperature techniques to preserve all the vital enzymes & nutrients. Your superfoods also pass strict quality assurance inspection which includes testing for botanical identity, heavy metals, chemicals & microbiological contaminants.

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