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Apple Powder

Apple powder is naturally sweet, high in fiber, and loaded with health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Due to its well-known status as a superfood, apple powder is also one of more than 30 fruit and vegetable superfood powders included in Garden in my Glass.

What Is Apple Powder?

An image of an apple and a bowl of apple powder on a white background.

Apple powder is made from ground dehydrated apples. It retains much of the nutrient profile of whole apples while offering more versatility in usage.

What Is Apple Powder Used For?

Many people use apple powder as a natural sweetener, adding it to breakfast cereals, baked goods, plain yogurt, and other desserts. Sprinkling it over ice cream is also popular, as it lends a yummy sweet apple flavor to this treat.

Apple powder is not just a natural sweetener or flavor enhancer, though. Adding it to your favorite recipes, smoothies, or juices is a great no-fuss way to obtain health-promoting nutrients and dietary fiber.

Is Apple Powder Good For You?

The answer is a resounding YES!!!

Apple contains a type of soluble fiber called pectin that offers several potential health benefits, including:

  • Anti-Diarrheal: Research indicates that apple pectin may soothe diarrhea. This is because pectin acts as a prebiotic that stimulates growth of beneficial gut bacteria that add bulk to the stool. And get pectin appears to also fight bacteria that often cause diarrhea, such as Salmonella. 1, 2, 3
    An infographic with a cartoon rendering of the human colon with risk factors for diarrheal diseases. Text is described below.

Infographic Text:

Risk factors for diarrheal diseases. Living in an area with poor sanitary conditions. No access to clean water. Age, with children being the most likely to experience severe symptoms of diarrheal diseases. Malnourishment. A weakened immune system.

  • Lowered cholesterol: Studies show that apple pectin absorbs over 90 percent of total cholesterol before it can be absorbed by your body! This is good news for those suffering from high cholesterol, as this is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. 4, 5
    A graphic image of hearts dripping with fats and yellow arrows pointing down with text that reads can help lower cholesterol.
  • Improved glucose metabolism: Multiple research studies indicate that pectin consumption has the ability to lower blood glucose and insulin levels, which can help improve diabetes symptoms and/or defend against type 2 diabetes. One reason for this glucose/insulin lowering effect is that pectin forms a thick gel in the water of your digestive system, a factor that experts believe may slow intestinal glucose absorption. 6, 7
    A 3-d illustration of a cell membrane.
  • Reduced inflammation: Chronic inflammation is believed to be the trigger for most health conditions and diseases. This is particularly true for conditions of the gut, as gut inflammation often contributes to the pain and discomfort of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Turns out, pectin may be able to help reduce inflammation. Pectin contains a major metabolite known as butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid shown to suppress signals that trigger inflammation. 8, 9
    A blue graph with an arrow going down showing decreasing inflammation with text that reads inflammation.
  • And many more

Increasing The Health Benefits Of Apple Powder

Apple power contains enough vitamin C, fiber, and other nutrients to support health...but you can significantly increase these nutrients and health benefits by combining it with other fruit and vegetable powders. We’ve made this easy for you. Garden in my Glass contains apple powder plus over 30 other superfood powders in one convenient package, thus saving you time and money. How great is that? Click here to place your order for Garden in my Glass TODAY!!


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