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Support your metabolism, hormones, and neurotransmitters while targeting cravings and appetite dysregulation. 

  • Proprietary formulation designed to support a lower set-point weight.
  • Supports your body’s natural ability to burn fat and keep it off.
  • "Fine-Tune" your metabolism and hormones while targeting unhealthy cravings.

I was very impressed with how it did help me with not wanting to eat anything especially after supper. Have been using Aamia for about 3 weeks and have lost 4 pounds. Looking to lose another 4 pounds, so I'll let you know later.~ Gloria R. (Verified Buyer)

~ Gloria R. (Verified Buyer)
Healthy Natural supplement to help you
Easily avoid cravings and overeating
The Better natural way to crush cravings and suppress appetitte
take 2 capsules with each meal or as directed by a personalized sane set point plan
Restore your body's natural ability to burn calories
Restore your body's equilitbrium and suppress cravings

Stimulant-Free Appetite Suppresant

Restore your body’s natural ability to burn fat


achieve your
weight goals

  • Suppress cravings for junk food and eat healthily
  • Eat healthily more easily
  • Lower your body’s set-point weight
Aamia is medically designed to naturally suppress appetite and aid weight-loss by supporting the metabolic and hormonal balance that causes your body to crave foods that help burn fat instead of foods that store fat.
Reduce Cravings
Clear Hormonal Clogs
Clear Hormonal
Promote a lower set-point weight
Promote a lower set-point weight
Optimize metabolism
Reduce Abdominal Fat
Abdominal Fat

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