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Benefits of Switching to Postbiotics Supplements

We’ve all heard about probiotics, prebiotic, synbiotics, so what are postbiotics? 

Probiotics are a combination of live beneficial bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body. 

A cartoon rendering of probiotics bacteria family with text that reads Lactobacillus, Lactococcus, Bifidobacterium.

Prebiotics are foods (typically high-fiber foods) that act as food for human microflora. Prebiotics are used with the intention of improving the balance of these microorganisms.

Postbiotics are functional fermentation compounds, or metabolites or waste byproducts of probiotics, that can be used in combination with nutritional components to promote health. 

Recent research leaned on the side of evidence that shows most of the positive effects we used to attribute to probiotics are actually due to postbiotics. 

Symbiotic relationship between gut microorganisms and humans postbiotics supplements?

A cartoon rendering of doctors examining intestines with a magnifying glass.

The symbiotic relationship between gut microbes and humans is based on something called our microbiome which is an entire ecosystem of bacteria unique to each human. 

We have essentially an intimate physiological give and take relationship between us as hosts and our gut bacteria. 

Specific to postbiotics: postbiotics can have direct immunomodulatory and clinical effects. Basically, evidence was found for the use of postbiotics in healthy individuals to improve their overall health and to relieve symptoms in a range of diseases like atopic dermatitis and different causes of diarrhea and we’re finding out more benefits every week it feels like.

Benefits of postbiotics:

An image of eight hands holding up the word benefits.

There’s an entire laundry list of benefits we can take from postbiotics but if we start from a 30,000 foot view of the whole situation: 

An advantage of postbiotics in terms of safety and bio properties in comparison with live probiotics, includes things like no risk of translocation from gut to the blood, adequate absorption, metabolism, distribution and passing everything along to our various organs and tissues. 

Postbiotics have been observed to help in disease states like IBS/IBD/Side effects of obesity/Skin, Eye, and Joint issues to say the least.

How are postbiotics connected to the burgeoning trend of fermented foods? 

Eating fermented foods may help support the "good" bacteria in your gut... and that's great, but:

What really excites us at SANESolution about POSTBiotics is that they directly give you therapeutic doses of that which we 'HOPE' the good bacteria in the gut will produce. 

Are postbiotics of equal or even higher importance when compared to pre and probiotics?

It’s not so black and white. There is a dietary and biochemical or physiological relationship deeply entangled when the biotics are involved. Given what the preliminary research has shown so far, postbiotics and their benefits cannot be ignored and should be a major focus on the gut health frontier. 

Learn More About Viscera-3

Viscera-3 is SANESolution’s revolutionary patented postbiotic that is clinically proven and has patented ingredients in the formulation like Tributyrate and actually, the Doctors at Harvard Medical School are calling Tributyrate the optimal metabolite and was noted to show higher potency than other SCFA’s out there.

Also, Viscera-3 has powerful and proven ingredients like:



-Pomegranate Fruit Extract

-Grape-seed extract

What makes Viscera-3 stand out when compared to other postbiotics?

Viscera-3 uses TRIButyrate - a Patented Gut Healing Super-Nutrient provides health benefits directly in the lower colon. That’s really novel.

TRIButyrate is the superior patented form of butyrate. It is hands down – the most effective and efficient way to transport butyrate to your colon. After years of research, scientists in the lab have combined 3 Butyrate molecules with a glycerol molecule to create a radically more effective version of this “optimal” short-chain fatty acid. Also, Viscera-3 comes with the Slim gut earth and Slim gut garden proprietary blends which contain the other proven ingredients i just mentioned.

What does the research on Viscera-3 say? 

With Viscera-3, this superior form of TRIbutyrate is time-released directly into your lower colon (the only place it can provide all the above life-changing gut health benefits). It is three times more potent than the weak short-chain fatty acids created by fiber alone. Along with TRIButyrate, Viscera-3 contains the SLIMGut Earth Minerals Matrix™ and the SLIMGut Garden Blend™ which are crucial.

An image of a bottle of SANE Viscera-3.

Postbiotics rendering Probiotics Obsolete?

  1. A nearly $60B market has been built around a product that may not actually do anything noticeable for 90% of people who take probiotics.

  2. Our Viscera-3 POSTBiotic actually does what people hope probiotics will do.

  3. Probiotics are being rendered obsolete. Probiotics don’t actually colonize the gut permanently. The challenge is pretty much the same across all biotech/biomedical products I think.  Where the scientific community needs more research produced and tested against harder theories to see how far we can take and by extension understand more about postbioics.

Probiotics versus Postbiotics in production & storage

Bacterial culture and probiotic production is unpredictable. That’s just nature. Luckily, problems like standardizing doses (which is another issue with probiotics) doesn’t occur with posbiotics. Postbiotics also come with a longer shelf life, they are easier to store, transport, and less of hassle with maintaining low temperatures like with probiotics. 

Postbiotics Supplements in the immunocompromised

Postbiotics are metabolites so in theory there is no risk of bacterial translocation from the gut lumen to blood among the immunocompromised subjects. 

Thanks to this major scientific breakthrough, Viscera-3™ is the first and only synergistic gut and immune POSTBiotic formulation to survive digestion and successfully deliver butyrate directly into the lower colon. Viscera-3™ contains clinically proven and patented ingredients to support gut function and overall health. Click here to learn more about our wildly popular Viscera-3™ and place your order today while supplies last!

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