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Turn on your “Slim Gut Switch” with the proven power of new time-released triple-action POSTbiotics in Viscera-3™

  • Melt inches off your waist overnight by eliminating that bloating and “bathroom backup.”
  • Break free from bloating and gas fast.
  • Experience clean, and consistent perfect daily poops with increased youthful energy.

“I found Viscera 3 and I am Astonished by how this Product has helped me!!:) Everything has Now Stabilized..I feel and look lighter and have no more Constipation!!:) Also True..I can think Clearer and Quicker..Great Bonus!! Viscera 3 is One Product that I can truly Trust and will Continue to Use on a Daily Basis..Love it!!:)”~ Delores L. (Verified Buyer)

~ Delores L. (Verified Buyer)

Here is why you need Viscera-3TM

  • Does taking VISCERA-3™ really lead to better more regular poops and less gas?
  • We hear a lot about having a gut health, what does that actually mean for you?
  • What is butyrate, and why is TRIbutyrate the superior form of this critical gut health nutrient?
  • Can TRIbutyrate help with weight loss and how does that work?
  • Why is this 1-step shortcut to weight loss and better digestion so effective to fix belly problems?

Revolutionary POSTBiotic with Faster and More Powerful Results than Probiotics and Prebiotics

Get a Healthy Gut and Perfect Poops


  • Pick your poop type in the chart.
  • Note how often you poop perfect.
  • Try Viscera-3 and enjoy perfect poops daily!

If your poop looks like #3 OR #4...
These are signs of healthy digestion.

3rd Party Tested For Purity & Potency

Clinically Proven & Patented Ingredients

Manufactured & Supported In The USA

GMP Formula and Facility

TRIButyrate - Patented Gut Healing Super-Nutrient Enjoy the miracle health benefit of TRI Butyrate directly in your lower colon, the only way you can enjoy all of its incredible proven life-improving effects.

Magnesium Promotes regular and healthy bowel movements.

Grape Seed Extract Promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation

Chromium Reduces food intake, hunger levels, and fat and carb cravings with a dramatic decrease in deadly visceral belly fat.4

Pomegranate Promotes healthy cell regeneration.

No More Bloating
and Gas
Reduced Risk of
Brain Disease
Nourish Gut
Wall Lining

are you suffering from these symptoms? Say goodbye to gut health issues, and disease-causing leaky gut forever with viscera-3.

Inability To Lose Deadly Visceral Fat
Digestion Breaking Leaky Gut
Diarrhea, Constipation & Painful Gas and Bloating

healthy, leak free gut

Extra Fiber

What’s in SANE Viscera-3 ™?

MAGNESIUM - You need magnesium for many tasks. It's involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body. Muscles need this mineral to contract; nerves need it to send and receive messages. It keeps your heart beating steadily and your immune system strong.10

MULTI-FACTOR CHROMIUM - LSU found that women taking chromium experienced reduced food intake, reduced hunger levels, fewer fat and carb cravings and a decrease in body weight, especially a reduction in fat in and around their gut.11

COREBIOME TRIBUTYRATETM (AS TRYBUTYRIN)- Patented form of superior bio available Butyrate, allows the unstable molecules to be delivered directly to your lower colon where they produce the incredible health benefits.

POMEGRANATE FRUIT EXTRACT - Superior form of the extract from the miracle “forever fruit”, pomegranate, that has only recently revealed its powerful anti-aging gut health secret to doctors. Essential in the gut to help promote mitophagy, the process where cells recycle themselves.12

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT - Grape seed extract contains the antioxidant compound oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC), which has been studied for a variety of health conditions. It has been studied to promote wound healing and to reduce inflammation.13

Clinically Proven & Patented Ingredients

All of our ingredients are extensively studied in a clinical environment so that you can experience the full immune system optimizing benefits.

Manufactured & Supported In The USA

All of our products are proudly made and shipped in the USA. And our CUSTOMER DELIGHT TEAM is US based and always here to help at : (347) 979-1735.

GMP Formula and Facility

Viscera-3TM is made in a "Good Manufacturing Practice" and FDA Certified sterile manufacturing facility that adheres to the highest quality standards.

3rd Party Tested For Purity & Potency

All of our products are tested for heavy metals, toxins and impurities to keep you safe and healthy!

What people are saying about SANE Viscera-3™

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  • More Effective Than Pills

    "This can be a little sensitive, but I’m a middle school principal and now mention this to parents after seeing what it’s done for me and my kids. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’ve found it to be more effective than other options on many occasions and we’re extremely grateful."

    Stacy S. – Cincinnati, OH

    Remembering names and wedding anniversaries!

    "You know how you go into a room and forget why? That doesn’t happen anymore. I had always been terrible with names, but it’s like they automatically stick in my mind now. I even remembered our wedding anniversary without any reminders this year (my wife couldn’t believe it)."

    Robert W. – San Jose, CA

  • The one thing that has really helped me

    "At 62 Vitaae™ is the one thing that has really helped me to have a better attitude, a better outlook and a sharper mind. I feel like I have more energy and have lost 5 pounds already, as I am definitely more active. I have been so disappointed with the mental focus products out there because none have worked until trying Vitaae™."

    Camilla A. – Newport, VA

    Brain fog is nearly gone

    "I just love this! I have been taking it for 2 months now, and my brain fog is nearly gone, I have more energy, I exercise more, and I feel very vibrant all over, not just mentally. And I am down 7 pounds so that is a bonus :)"

    Terry L. – Orlando, Florida

  • My mind is working like it did in my forties

    "I started taking this three months ago and after about a month I added to my husband’s pill container without telling him what it was. For me, I genuinely feel like my mind is working like it did in my forties (I’m 71 now). After I think about four weeks I found out that at my husband’s next doctor’s appointment he asked our doctor if something was “wrong” because of how different he felt."

    Abigale G. – Milwaukee, WI

    Literally changed the lives of everyone in my family

    "This has literally changed the lives of everyone in my family. For me, I feel like those rare ‘moments of clarity’ I used to have are just the way my mind works now. My husband says that he needs less time and coffee to 'get going' in the morning and that things are just coming to him now."

    Katey W. – Kansas City, MO

  • Really top notch

    "I was a nurse for 30 years. So I pay a lot of attention to what I put into my body, and I am always hesitant about supplements. But I have to say after doing my own in-depth research on the formulation, the ingredients, especially the well studied patented versions, are really top notch."

    Helen K. – Big Fork, MT

    Such a noticeable impact

    "It’s safe to say that I’ve never tried anything, prescription medications included, that have had such an immediate and noticeable impact on my life every day. Thanks!"

    Gloria R. – Abany, New York

For as long as I can remember I always “felt” my stomach… if that makes sense. I mean it was either bloated, or felt sick, or just felt off, or gassy. I mean it was a constant issue even if I didn’t eat… my stomach still felt off. Eat anything, and my stomach felt off. Eat nothing, and still at best annoying. After three weeks of taking Visera-3 for the first time in my life I have “forgotten” I have a stomach. I mean it’s hard to express, but most of the time now, no matter what I eat, I can just get on with my life and it’s a total nonissue. It’s changed my life and I’m very grateful!

Camilla A. – Newport, VA

I have literally tried everything to get rid of my gas. Activated charcoal. High dose probiotics. Elimination diets. I even bought a special pad to sit on that supposedly absorbed gas so that nobody would smell it when I passed gas as I got in trouble at my office for… I’m not kidding… causing a “hostile work environment” because of my gas. Before finding Visera-3 the only thing that would stop my gas was not eating anything. Since I have to eat, Visera-3 changed my life. For the first time in, I don’t know, 30 years, I pass gas maybe once a day rather than constantly. Thank you!

Helen K. Big Fork, MT

Thank you guys for creating this! It really has been a godsend as someone who has always had belly issues. Gas, bloating, diarrhea… even the worst… having to change my underwear in the middle of the day… you name it I have dealt with it. I still get gas from time to time, but I really don't have to be as selective with what I eat anymore and it's allowed me to add more greens to my diet which has helped me with other health issues. I really can say I do feel lighter and less constricted since I no longer struggle with constipation.

Robert W. San Jose, CA

Everyone always talks about gut health but until I heard about Viscera-3 I didn't really know what that meant. I’ve heard all about fiber and probiotics but I never really knew why. Learning about short-chain fatty acids was fascinating and not having to worry about fiber and probiotics now is great. Now I am a true believer of post-biotics and I have been telling all my girlfriends about this. Funny conversations, but they all love it now too.

Ricky S. New York, NY

I know it's a sensitive thing to talk about this, but after just three days, I think, of taking Viscera-3 I saw a pretty big difference in the toilet. I won't go into too much detail but it's safe to say it’s much more solid and it seems to be very regular and at the same time each morning. Before taking Viscera-3 it was definitely not as solid and I would have multiple trips to the bathroom in the day.

Timothy S. Cincinnati, OH

Our whole family swears by Viscera-3! We all suffer from various digestion issues and get sick way more than we should. This is exactly what we have been searching for. Truly a gift from god, bless you Jonathan and the team for putting this together, really is a life saver for our entire family. We all have more pep in our step these days. And family movie night is not nearly as stinky as it used to be :)

Dan M. Des Moines, IA

I never thought I would fall in love with a supplement this quickly but boy Viscera-3 is the real deal and I swear by it everyday! I used to have a pretty loud belly and have been known for bad painful gas. Not pleasant! Viscera-3 has made such a big difference. Far less bloating and gas has reduced quite a bit. Hard to explain but I feel lighter. Thank you Jonathan for making this for us "gastrointestinally challenged" :-)

Abigale G. Milwaukee, WI

At 64 I have suffered from digestion issues for years, especially if I ate too many greens, like spinach or even beans, I would get really painful bloating and constipation. It really made sense when you talk about how things actually ferment in your gut, it's not fun. I have tried everything and nothing has done what Viscera-3 has done. I can finally get my greens in without worry about the pain and gas. I have finally talked my wife into trying it and I am more than happy to report her gas is also much reduced. It's made our house a more pleasant place.

John K. Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you thank you thank you! I finally know what it's like to have a healthy gut. Less bloating and gas, more regular and totally solid poops. Such a funny thing to get excited about but it's true. Really a remarkable product that has given me so much of my life back.

Stacy W. San Jose, CA

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1- Harvard Medical School: Abdominal fat and what to do about it













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